History Of The Garden Christ Our Redeemer founded a Community Garden in May of 2018.  It was a dream of several individuals who attend the church.  These people have a passion for using their gardening skills to serve and bless this community.  The initial stage of the Garden was completed in July of 2018 with (initially) a total of thirty-six garden beds.  It quickly proved to be a place where people of the congregation, its neighbors, and the community, many of whom do not have access to a garden, could plant and harvest crops for themselves and to benefit local food pantries.
Who Benefits From The Garden? There are members of the community who need healthy food, in many cases just to survive.  Several local groups have benefited from the Garden, including the local Food Bank, our Little Lambs School which have used a portion of it for a gardening class, Helping Hands Healing Hearts Community Outreach, and various public and private school groups.  The Garden has been, and will continue to be, a blessing for unemployed families (those who make too much for food stamps but still struggle), children on school lunch programs (school lunch programs are restricted in the summer when produce is at its greatest), seniors on limited incomes (some seniors will not take advantage of food banks), and local care ministry programs.
Impacts Of The Garden A Community Garden is a long term source of not only healthy, local produce, but the opportunity to teach people how to create and maintain a sustainable food source for their family.  “Teach a man a fish, feed him for a lifetime.”  This also brings people together collaboratively to work for the common good on a project that they can take ownership in and see verifiable results (harvest) each year.  People of all ages and backgrounds can benefit from a community garden.  The Community Garden has cultivated a spirit of community, neighborhood, and diversity by growing sustainable food organically and collaboratively.
What Is In The Garden? The first stage of the Garden built in 2018 contains nearly fifty raised beds that have produced a wide variety of vegetables.  Each of the beds is connected to a built-in drip watering irrigation system.  A small maintenance shed is also in the original stage.  The second stage was added in the summer of 2019, and doubled the size of the Garden.  It included an orchard and berry patch in addition to more raised beds.
How Can You Take Part In The Garden? We have a number of garden boxes available for use by people from the community for a small yearly charge.  A covenant insuring that the renters of the boxes will take care of their section of the Garden will also need to be completed.  To take part in this successful community outreach opportunity, please stop by Christ Our Redeemer or contact the church office at 208-263-7516.